Ready to Hit $5k in the Next 30 Days?

This checklist will give you a proven framework to fast-track your results so you can start booking clients even if you're just getting started or don't have a huge following...yet!

When was the last time you woke up feeling truly PASSIONATE and INSPIRED about your work?

Have you spent weeks, months, (maybe even YEARS!) dreaming about launching a coaching business? Or maybe you’ve been in your business for awhile, but you’re still not hitting $10k months with the consistency and ease you desire?

Do you want to make an impact on the world and positively impact the lives of others?

Do you have an internal voice telling you that you were meant for more?  

Have you been spinning your wheels downloading endless freebies and signing up for every webinar trying to figure out how to effectively sell using social media--only to feel even more confused and frustrated?


Hi! I’m Adrienne Weimer. I’m an ICF-certified Sales Coach & LinkedIn Strategist, eternal optimist, (and unpaid professional wine connoisseur) dedicated to helping women create a business and life they love

It’s my personal mission to help ambitious women achieve financial freedom and overcome limiting beliefs so they can create wildly successful coaching businesses. My greatest wish for you is that you fully embrace your unique talents and share them with the world. Because I believe the world needs EXACTLY what only YOU can offer.



Whether your greatest desire is to break free from a soul-sucking 9-5, or to spend more time with your kids, or to travel to a new country whenever you want---being your own boss can create endless opportunities and wealth.

This online business world can get really overwhelming and lonely without a support system.

Getting stuck in your sales conversations shouldn’t stop you in your tracks or keep you from making progress.

Every entrepreneur experiences moments of doubt. No one starts a business hoping it will fail, which is why it’s critical to get support and guidance along the journey.

You don’t need more PASSION, you just need a PLAN!


It's Time to Transform Your Business

In less than 90 days, your life could look completely different. Imagine what it would feel like to easily close high-ticket sales in your DMs without ever having to get on the phone. To have the freedom to take that dream vacation you’ve been putting off. Or the flexibility to take that noon yoga class. And to feel the joy of not having to miss out on precious moments with family and friends.

This could be you. Living a life filled with purpose and joy is available to everyone. You just have to choose it.

I give you a proven blueprint to fast-track your results so you can confidently close more sales using DMs and LinkedIn. This is how lives are changed. I’ve seen it happen many times and I know it’s possible for you. Just the fact that you are reading this right now tells me you are ready for a massive shift in your business.

Stop dreaming. Start doing.

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